Testing of Morakniv




The summer have not been that great yet. Well if you have sleddogs its an awesome summer. I think we only have had like 10 days when its been over 15 degrees Celsius. In the start of the summer Morakniv was sending me a box with some knifes to try out and see how they would fit our lifestyle in the mountains, behind the dogs on the sled. The knife is a must every time you go out with the dogs. It must be good quality, sharp and be able to handle different types of material. The knife can be a matter of life and death, so never forgot the knife.

The knifes that we have been trying out this far is:


Fishing Comfort Scaler 098





Its a small, light and comfortable knife. Perfect for fishing and cleaning out the fish. Its laying good in the hand, very sharp. Don´t do the mistake to open up the beer bottle with it. The blade is thin and cuts very deep into your finger. What I don´t like with it is that it don´t float, its sinks like a stone. I fell that a good fishing knife that you will use a lot when you are out fishing should float. The shiny color its nice.


Kansbol Multi - Mount




A great knife that I really like, laying great in the hand even that I have small hands, great weight and a clear favorite. I still would like it to have some more weight in it and a bit thicker and longer blade. But this far by the best knife I have tried. Don´t like the plastic cover for it.A big plus is the attachment who follow for the knife and the cover. Its easy to attach it to the sled on at easy spot so you fast can reach it



You can visit Morakniv and look at more knifes and find the one who will fit you and your lifestyle. We will keep update with more knifes that we test from Morakniv and let you know what we think about them. But remember always bring the knife when you hit the tracks, forest, hiking, hunting, fishing or just being outdoor.